An Endangered Specimen

Taylor Hatchet, C’21

Numb Fingers cling to the interior of warm pockets.

A hood covers nearly frost-bitten ears

Eyes watch him closely, examining his every move

Scrutinizing him from every angle

The width of his nose, his ebony kinks, his brown skin

They linger on his skin

Until they conceive an idea of who he is

Murderer, thief, deadbeat father

I stand at a distance watching this unfold

Seeing judgmental eyes clouded with loathing

And I forgive her.

I forgive her for being ignorant of who he is:

A beautiful, sympathetic, intelligent young black man

Still wet behind the ears

Searching for himself

And you, who add onto the problems he is already facing

To the stereotypes he must already surmount

Having the misfortune of being born black and even more so male.

But I forgive you because I will feed into his destiny,

I will push him to be all that he can be

He will not just be another statistic.

Lumped in with the hordes convicted for the sin of the of their color

I forgive you.

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