Amanda Moyher, C’21


K: Let’s go back in time for a minute. What were you doing on December 15, 2003


A: The snow on the ground is abundant and white like crystals. A little girl runs across the yard in

a pink, puffy coat with a pink button nose. She laughs at her mother who tries her best to be a

snow monster. The closer the snow monster gets to catching her, the farther the little girl travels.

It’ll be years before they reach each other.


K: [redacted] What part of this role has surprised you the most?

A: I reveal every secret I’ve ever had. I unwind myself to the point of being a mere spindle; my thread

rests in his bare hands. He takes the thread and hangs it all over the walls. I feel the urge to laugh

or cry, but I don’t know which should come first.


K: [redacted] Which [redacted] values resonate with you the most, and why?

A: Rain poured down the slanted roof. A wall of water, a potential threat. I wasn’t worried about

the world as my smile stretched around it five times. I traded one hand for arms. I won’t

remember that moment ever again. Remind me.


K: Where do you think [you’ll] be in another 15 years? Think big picture.

A: Hot water running from the metallic tap. I miss the skin covering the palm of your hand.


K: Do you have any final messages for [your] readers?

A: Everything was meant to be broken.

Do I look like someone you remember fondly?

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