to them, of pleasure

Irina Rusanova, C’20 i. to Sappho what could be more [         ] beautiful than blossoms rubbing [         ] in the breeze ii. to Rimbaud  Rest your mind on this lonesome shoulder, cease to be skeletal, to wonder, wander, attaché of copulation. Ah, begotten one, sever that arm, that finger dripping with satisfaction. Your eyes bearContinue reading “to them, of pleasure”

The Devil in Passive or Byzantium Regained

Michael Doelling, C’20 Where are you my Hellenic beauties? With your silky jet hair and Aegean blue eyes. Lush mystic Mouse lips with warm June Hugs. Desire remembered and enjoyed As I see the Armenians spin portals. Come to Me and I’ll give you more than A toothless smile. Come to me And I’ll giveContinue reading “The Devil in Passive or Byzantium Regained”


Nicole Fratrich, C’21 I. The roots of your mystery remain  And my imagination can race out   Underneath a dim, autumn sky.  II. But I believe I know deep within  Those demons that chased you to the brink.  Why did our chaotic paths rarely converge?  Now I’m left to grasp vague memories   That through the fog FeelContinue reading “Self-Inflicted”