A Brief Reflection on the Nature of Home

Joseph Natali, C’19 I sit on my porch, pipe in hand, reclining in a decaying camp chair while fragrant smoke curls around my head. It’s too hot for the end of September, and I wonder if it has anything to do with the burning forest the next state over. A year ago, sweat would haveContinue reading “A Brief Reflection on the Nature of Home”

The Pact of Silence

Jessica Ackerman, C’20 I never knew my uncle, but I always liked to look at his photo. It was framed and perfectly placed on a top shelf in my mom’s childhood home. The house was home to many, the side door—never the front—constantly opening to welcome in family, both blood-related and otherwise. When I walkedContinue reading “The Pact of Silence”

Ode to a Sea Hare

Margaret Hines, C’21 He was a sea hare. Kingdom—Animalia. Phylum—Mollusca. Class—Gastropoda. Family—Aplysiidae. His name was Ron Swanson. He was named so for the mustache-like projections on his head. He came to us one day in a trash bag, along with a dozen or so other alien creatures, as part of a marine mystery box. PaleContinue reading “Ode to a Sea Hare”